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jud_niggli's Journal

21 July 1972
Well, what can I say that could possibly be of any interest to anyone?
My name is Donia. I'm from the german speaking part of Switzerland and have lived in London for the last 13 years. Wow, isn't this exciting? Surely there is something more fascinating I can tell people about myself!? Nope, sorry, can't think of anything. I suppose I'm just a people person and still haven't quite got the concept of telling a 'machine' about myself. I mean,who knows who or what might be lurking out there.It's a scary world the cyber one ;-)
alternative therapies(massage), anatomy, art (some/various), blues music(some/various), cabaret and comedy, classical music(some/various), clothes and costumes, clubbing, dance, diamanda galas, einstuerzende neubauten, family and friends, films(various genres), food and drink, going to gigs, goth music(some/various), history(some/various), jazz(some/various), language, literature(fact and fiction), london, marlene dietrich, music(various), nature, nina hagen, people, photography, politics(some/various), psychology, punk music(some/various), religion(all), rock music(some/various), switzerland, the world(mostly), theatre, travel, weird and wonderful stuff